2020-10-01 Live Training Call

2020-10-01 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the lowest Market Value Investment Dominator will accept in calculating offers – 2:50
  • If a buyer walks away from a deal can Title Company keep the earnest money deposit – 6:45
  • How to add additional properties to an existing owner in the Investment Dominator – 8:45
  • How to upload a group of new addresses to existing owners in the Investment Dominator – 13:25
  • What is the best practice to import Skip Traced records into Investment Dominator – 17:25
  • What to do if the Selling Site or the Custom Pages and Posts section is not showing in the Investment Dominator – 21:45
  • How to export a prospect list and generate a letter for mailing to a Mail House out of Investment Dominator – 26:45
  • How to add a link for Zillow or county property GIS record in Investment Dominator – 32:35
  • For multiple property owners does Investment Dominator generate a variation of the Neutral Letter to include all properties owned  – 41:20
  • How to print a test sample of your Neutral Letter in the Investment Dominator – 46:20
  • How to import Neighbor Letters in the Marketing section of Investment Dominator – 48:50
  • When selling a property, which purchase sale agreement documents from LPG should utilized – 53:45



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