2020-09-07 Live Training Call

2020-09-07 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 6:00
    • Signature/Profile             – 6:30
    • Company Info                  – 11:20
    • Domains                          – 26:40
  • How to access previously recorded presentations of the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 40:40
  • What to do when a potential buyer insists upon using their personal attorney to close a deal  – 42:20
  • Where to locate information regarding how to enter multiple properties for an individual seller in Investment Dominator – 45:30
  • Is there a way to print out an Amortization Schedule from within Investment Dominator – 50:55
  • Is it currently best to use ReboGateway to pull county information for importing into Investment Dominator – 54:05
  • When an owner sends a power of attorney to any given individual, to whom should the Offer from Investment Dominator be sent to – 57:40
  • Can data be appropriately formatted from either AgentPro247 or ReboGateway before importing that data into Investment Dominator – 59:25



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