2020-08-20 Live Training Call

2020-08-20 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the best time to open up a Data Tree account for accessing county data – 4:10
  • Are the Land import fields required to be in any specific order for the Investment Dominator – 7:00
  • For a successful import is it necessary to include all possible data fields or simply fields with data in the Investment Dominator – 8:55
  • How to successfully import the [Property Size] field in the Investment Dominator  – 11:25
  • Can the [Property Size] field be bulk updated in the Investment Dominator – 14:25
  • Can alphanumeric characters be entered into the [Property Size] field for importing into  Investment Dominator – 22:00
  • After exporting data from Investment Dominator when re-importing the same data is it necessary to bring in all field previously exported – 25:25
  •  To successfully re-import data into Investment Dominator should the [Update Existing Records] function be utilized – 28:15
  • Can TAGs be created and records TAGGED in Investment Dominator by using the BULK Update Records feature – 40:50
  • Is it common for potential buyers to inquire about Radon Gas Testing – 46:50
  • Where are the replays of the Weekly QnA Webinars located in Investment Dominator – 48:50
  • How to access recorded coaching sessions for LPG Coached students – 50:55
  • How to handle a Neutral Letter customer that presses Extension #2 as if they have been sent an offer – 53:15



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