2020-08-13 Live Training Call

2020-08-13 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Are there any scripts in LPG or the Investment Dominator for frequently asked questions from Sellers – 4:45
  • When executing a Sales Contract is a Title Company needed in the transaction – 25:25
  • How to locate an expert Attorney or Title Company and what are the specific questions to ask in an interview – 28:00
  • How to respond to the question – where is your company based – 33:40
  • Does the Attorney or Title Company need to be in the same state of our subject property – 35:15
  • How to delete previously imported records for clearing tagged records – 37:55
  • How to prevent Phone # and Email Address fields from being erased during the merge of 2 land records – 45:25
  • How to set Buying and Selling site domains in the Investment Dominator – 51:25



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