2020-08-06 Live Training Call

2020-08-06 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Can Land Records have multiple Tags attached in the Investment Dominator – 6:10
  • How to merge the leads from the Buying Website with the information that is already in the Investment Dominator – 9:00
  • How to Undo completed transactions in the Investment Dominator  – 18:50
  • When is it a good time to use an Option package agreement vs an Contract package agreement to purchase property – 23:50
  • How to process emails that show up in the in the Marketing Tab in Investment Dominator – 28:50
  • Why isn’t First Name and Last Name being requested on the Optin Page in Investment Dominator – 34:00
  • How to process a 2nd parcel an owner wishes to sell in the Investment Dominator – 35:30
  • When importing new Prospect records why would the .CSV Excel File still hold a previous week’s prospect records in the Investment Dominator – 41:45
  • What is the difference between the Short Legal vs Long Legal Description fields in the Land Records in Investment Dominator – 46:35
  • When uploading lists into Investment Dominator are Trusts typed as Individual or as Company – 51:45
  • When uploading lists into Investment Dominator why is there a [back tax] field; but, no [property tax] field specified – 51:45



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