2020-08-03 Live Training Call

2020-08-03 Feature Image

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 6:30
    • Signature/Profile    – 6:55
    • Company Info               – 10:30
    • Domains                        – 24:20
  • Will users be notified when their SSL Certificate expires for Buying/Selling Sites in Investment Dominator – 38:25
  • Is it possible to display the Webinar questions as they are being answered for clarity  – 40:50
  • How to Tag groups of records that are already in the Investment Dominator  – 42:45
  • When property owners request offers via the Buying Site can notifications be sent to multiple email addresses – 46:35
  • What is the most efficient way to update Prospect status records to Mailed Letter 1 status in Investment Dominator – 48:40
  • What is the name of a company that will take current pictures and post [For Sale] signs on your listed property – 52:25
  • How to go about finding a title company to obtain a list of [Out of State Owners] – 57:35



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