2020-07-23 Live Training Call

2020-07-23 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the cost of the 2-Day Maximizer workshop – 4:40
  • What is the importance of the custom [Don’t Bother me again] status in the Investment Dominator – 6:00
  • What is the optimal time for a follow-up call after sending an initial Offer Letter – 12:00
  • When uploading a prospect list and receiving a message [X # of existing owners] should we delete these records to prevent duplicate records in Investment Dominator – 14:00
  • What can possibly prevent the successful configuration of your Buying/Selling site domains in Investment Dominator – 20:55
  • Should a more friendly URL be used for the Buying site and a professional business-like URL for the Selling site in Investment Dominator – 26:15
  • With 200 lead records imported why would only 149 be showing in the Land records in the Investment Dominator – 29:25
  • How to add Tags to land records that already exists in the Investment Dominator – 36:35
  • How to modify the [Down Payment] field in the Notes section on Lease Purchase agreements in the Investment Dominator – 42:05
  • Regarding the HOA/POA field in Investment Dominator is that to be entered based on a calendar year or as a monthly payment – 49:45
  • How to change the order of Property Listings on my selling site in Investment Dominator – 52:15
  • When will the Sales Lease Agreement and Sales Contracts be available for access in Investment Dominator – 57:50



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