2020-07-16 Live Training Call

2020-07-16 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to replace existing Jing by Tech-Smith with new Tech-Smith Capture tool – 3:00
  • Should additional Stages be created in the Investment Dominator  – 10:10
  • What is the rationale for moving a Land Record into a custom status [Don’t Call Me Again] in Investment Dominator  – 13:30
  • Should the creation of Neighbor Letters be an outsourced task on a regular basis – 21:15
  • When an owner has multiple properties what is the most efficient way to generate offers in the Investment Dominator – 25:50
  • When owners have multiple parcels does Investment Dominator only mail 1 neutral letter per own – 36:10
  • What are the steps to set up a Lease Purchase type seller financing loan out of Investment Dominator – 37:45
  • How to [Batch Update] multiple land records at once in Investment Dominator – 45:45
  • How does Investment Dominator prevent the creation of duplicate owner records – 53:10
  • Is it feasible to save any of PAT Live’s information provided in email format for future reference – 59:05



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