2020-07-02 Live Training Call

2020-07-02 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Will the 2-Day Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshop be hosted on-line – 5:05
  • What are the specific documents being sent for mail merge processing to ITI (Letter Printing) – 7:20
  • Is it necessary to set up all phone lines prior to sending out mailers from within the Investment Dominator – 10:20
  • When one Ring Central phone number is purchased is there a charge for 2 users if there is a partner working in your land business – 13:40
  • When you process the list from Agent Pro-247, do you add a column to the 11 required fields to add Second Owner first name and last name in the Investment Dominator – 16:50
  • Is it necessary to have your domain point toward ID server to use the Opt-In Page in Investment Dominator – 23:25
  • Why doesn’t the Optin Page selection show in my menu of Websites in the Investment Dominator  – 26:40
  • How to format Zip Codes in Excel for successful importing to show the leading 0 – 28:05
  • How to delete a generated Note in editing a record in the Notes section of the Investment Dominator – 36:10
  • Which documents must be sent to a Title Company or Attorney for a Lease Purchase note in Investment Dominator – 44:25
  • Is it ever necessary to purchase Hazard Insurance if a parcel is in Wild-Fire territory  – 52:45
  • Are there any reminders in Investment Dominator of when an Offer will expire – 55:50



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