2020-06-25 Live Training Call

2020-06-25 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to Use the County Assessed value in determining Market value of property in specific areas in calculating Offer Amount 4:10
  • Can we expect a formatting VA to make 3 separate files a) out of state owners b) owners residing 2 hrs away and c) local owners for importing into Investment Dominator – 10:40
  • How does the Investment Dominator CRM process Prospect status records imported – 17:00
  • What is preventing the distribution of notification links for Thursday’s Investment Dominator Webinars to all email addresses – 21:25
  • Is there an easy way to record the exact Date an offer is mailed to a seller in Investment Dominator – 24:05
  • How to change the date of an existing TAG in the Investment Dominator– 30:00
  • Is it possible to dynamically change the date of an offer being mailed out of the Investment Dominator – 33:25
  • How to add a name and address as a header on the offer cover letter template and the offer template in Investment Dominator – 37:00
  • How to allow a VA security privilege capability to upload a data list in the Investment Dominator – 50:20
  • Is it wise to mail out offers to sellers who have made it clear they only want TOP dollar for their property – 57:50



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