2020-06-18 Live Training Call

2020-06-18 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to load a new record in Investment Dominator for processing – 4:10
  • What 2 topics should new investors focus on understanding regarding the Investment Dominator CRM – 7:10
  • How to access Offer letters generated in Investment Dominator – 11:50
  • How has Covid-19 Pandemic affected Buying and Selling site activity in the market  – 14:50
  • Should the PAT Live call center be set up to answer after Offer Received calls in Investment Dominator – 18:30
  • What issues may have prevented Seller’s names from printing on Blind Offers generated in Investment Dominator – 22:20
  • How to select a subset of Prospect status records in Investment Dominator to be mail merged and sent to ITI [Letterprinting.net] – 32:00
  • How does the Offer Calculator produce minimum and maximum values in Investment Dominator – 41:30
  • What issues may have prevented Blind Offers Sent status records from displaying in the [Offers Made] stage in Investment Dominator – 47:05
  • Is it necessary to add the [Owner-ID] reference number on Offer Cover Letter or Sales Agreements in Investment Dominator – 54:05
  • What is the reason for not sending Offer [Sale Agreements] on property by email – 59:00



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