2020-06-04 Live Training Call

2020-06-04 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What topics will be covered in the 2-Day Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshop – 2:00
  • How to retrieve [Contact Us] entries from the Buying Site in Investment Dominator – 6:30
  • Regarding Skip Tracing what is the issue if the [Update Existing Records] button is NOT selected – 11:30
  • Is there a recorded lesson regarding the programming of PAT Live’s Tresta in the Investment Dominator – 15:45
  • How to locate the [Calculate Offer/Option Amount] function in the Investment Dominator – 19:10
  • How is the [Market Research] function found in the Investment Dominator – 22:25
  • What are the advantages in having a realtor list your land under contract on the MLS vs using a Broker less MLS site – 26:35
  • What is the standard compensation for a realtor who brings a buyer for purchase of property – 29:20
  • Will the Notes section generate an amortization schedule for buyers out of the Investment Dominator – 31:40
  • What is the best tool for selecting a Target Market in Investment Dominator – 36:35
  • What is the most efficient way to track Offer expiration’s from within the Investment Dominator – 41:30
  • What are TAGs for and how they used efficiently from within the Investment Dominator – 49:30
  • Can records be tagged in a group from within Investment Dominator or only 1 record at a time – 57:35



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