2020-05-28 Live Training Call

2020-05-28 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Where to find supporting documents like contracts etc. in the system – 8:10
  • What are some other ways to have questions answered as they relate to the Investment Dominator – 12:25
  • Where to find the [Big-3] setup requirements in the Investment Dominator – 14:50
  • What data is needed from list data sources AgentPro247, Rebo-Gateway etc. for uploading into the Investment Dominator – 17:20
  • What topics are covered in the Tuesday Group Coaching calls as it relates to the Investment Dominator – 21:05
  • Is it necessary to have the Jing Tool on your computer for capturing screen shots into the  Investment Dominator – 25:25
  • What are the various List Data source vendors supplying county data   – 32:15
  • After capturing pictures of parcels and uploading them into Investment Dominator should pictures be deleted from the computer – 38:25
  • After processing a prospect list in the Investment Dominator how do we attach a unique reference # for PAT Live to access – 41:40
  • What is the Skip Tracing procedure used in the Investment Dominator – 46:45
  • If records are deleted in the Skip Tracing procedure from the dashboard are they deleted from the Investment Dominator – 55:20



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