2020-04-09 Live Training Call

2020-09-20 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What subjects are covered in the 2-Day Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshops – 2:40
  • After entering a Support Ticket in the Investment Dominator where to view a response  – 6:45
  • Can a CSS coder make format changes on Buying/Selling sites with ease in the Investment Dominator – 10:55
  • When using a CSS coder what level of access should be given in the Investment Dominator – 14:40
  • How to process one county of Prospect status records when multiple counties of prospect records exists in Investment Dominator – 17:00
  • Should a new Custom Status be created to track which prospect records have been sent a second offer in the Investment Dominator – 28:20
  • How to Suggest A New Feature for consideration in the Investment Dominator – 32:15
  • Is there an existing template in Investment Dominator to use when preparing an AgentPro247 .CSV file for importing records – 33:40
  • Why might a buyer sign a Lease Purchase agreement vs Loan agreement for a seller financing deal – 41:45
  • When creating a Lease Purchase agreement do we utilize the existing agreement from LPG – 47:30
  • Is there a way to receive an email when a customer adds their name/email information on the Selling site in Investment Dominator – 53:40
  • How to override the default Close of Escrow date generated on an offer letter in the Investment Dominator – 57:10



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