2020-04-06 Live Training Call

2020-04-06 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Are GoDaddy costs a part of the Investment Dominator setup and am I required to use GoDaddy – 9:35
  • What are the Investment Dominator Big-3 setup requirements – 11:05
  • Big-3 Signature – 11:10
  • Big-3 Company – 15:40
  • Big-3 Domains – 24:55
  • Will the company logo from either the Buying or Selling sites automatically print on the Neutral Letter and Offers produced out of Investment Dominator – 37:25
  • When as customer enters contact information on the Selling Website under what circumstances  do emails get generated – 45:25
  • How to Highlight land records so they remain at the top of the list in the Investment Dominator – 49:45
  • If a County Website’s GIS is not sufficient, how do we locate neighbors around a parcel in the Investment Dominator – 52:05



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