2020-04-02 Live Training Call

2020-04-02 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Can multiple Custom Logos be entered on the Buying or Selling site(s) in Investment Dominator – 2:20
  • Can 1 custom Logo be put on the Selling Site and a separate Custom Logo on the Buying Site – 3:00
  • Why registering for the Thursday Weekly Live QnA does NOT provide an email for access– 4:10
  • How to eliminate any reference to Sell Your House For Cash in the Investment Dominator – 7:55
  • After the 2-Day Maximizer Workshop is complete are there any periodic meetings to attend – 15:10
  • How to change the Offer Docs from 3 pages to 2 pages in the Investment Dominator – 16:35
  • How to calculate offers on the House Side of the Investment Dominator – 18:40
  • Is there a plan to cover all aspects of the LPG Deal Flow in the 2-Day Maximizer Workshop – 28:30
  • How to locate an Escrow Title Company that will execute Double-Closings – 33:10
  • When selling property via a Lease Purchase, should the buyer be required to obtain liability insurance on the property – 39:30
  • Is it feasible to obtain an Umbrella Policy to cover liability issues on all owned vacant land – 43:00
  • When you receive an accepted offer do you open escrow immediately or wait until you have an  interested buyer – 46:25



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