2020-03-30 Live Training Call

2020-03-20 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Ensuring the green .CSV file appears for prospect records in the Campaigns section of Investment Dominator – 5:05
  • How to select a few individual prospect records as opposed to [All] records in the Investment Dominator – 7:30
  • How to produce a .CSV file for exporting to services such as BatchSkipTracing.com  – 12:35
  • How to handle a County not allowing Commercial Solicitation for a county list – 18:30
  • How to change the Default Offer Accept By date to print out on offers in the Investment Dominator – 22:00
  • How to calculate the payments for a Lease Purchase note agreement in the Investment Dominator – 26:40
  • How to ensure the posting of listings in the Investment Dominator – 42:50
  • Understanding the Monthly Rent Credits (1st & 2nd Half) and Monthly Impound Amt fields in Payment Calculator – 48:40
  • How to adjust the Monthly Rent Credit (1st & 2nd Half) of a Lease Purchasing agreement deal  – 56:20



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