2020-03-26 Live Training Call

2020-03-26 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is our position during any mild recession period we experience – 4:15
  • Are Title Companies closing during this mild recession – 7:35
  • What to do when you receive an Accepted Offer and you don’t have a working Title Company  – 8:55
  • Should we Self-Close on land deals worth less than $5,000 – 12:20
  • When you have one owner with multiple properties what is the correct way to merge records – 14:55
  • How to use the County Assessed value to determine the Market value of property in the Investment Dominator – 20:25
  • How to use the Add Additional Property function in editing a land record if the seller has a house record in the Investment Dominator – 28:00
  • In what circumstances do we choose to use a title company to close deals – 35:10
  • How to determine the amount of a payment on a Lease Purchasing agreement deal  – 40:25
  • How to send out Blind Offers using a mail merge company, (ITI etc.) out of the Investment Dominator – 47:10
  • How does the printing work if we choose to print Blind Offers on our printers out of the Investment Dominator – 56:15



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