2020-03-23 Live Training Call

2020-03-23 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Will Jack & Michelle Bosch’s scheduled 5-day LPG online webinar still occur – 4:50
  • How to handle the counties changing of rules/regulations regarding providing public information – 8:10
  • What is the alternative Mail Merge printing service to ITI (Letterprinting.net) – 11:05
  • Is the upcoming 3-day live event still scheduled for May 2020 – 13:40
  • What type of loan contract can be used for Seller Financing deals – 16:00
  • Is the Lease Purchase Agreement contract now accessible in the Investment Dominator – 21:50
  • What paperwork is used to protect/shield us from liability in a Lease Purchase Agreement – 23:45
  • How to use the new Notes section in the Investment Dominator for a Lease Purchase Agreement – 27:40
  • Do the processing fees in a Lease Purchasing deal go towards a company to service the loan, pay property taxes or HOA fees – 30:25
  • Is it necessary to Self-Close on a Lease Purchasing Agreement  – 33:55
  • How to add Public/Private links on listings in the Investment Dominator – 37:35
  • Who can access Private links in the Investment Dominator – 48:30
  • What type of content is presented on the Thursday 12 Noon Webinar for the Investment Dominator – 50:05
  • How to explain to sellers why it may take up to 6 months to close on their property – 53:45



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