2020-03-19 Live Training Call

2020-03-19 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to resolve Hearing Webinar issues on Live QnA Investment Dominator calls – 4:10
  • How to determine a parcels acreage size if not supplied by seller or county site – 5:30
  • Considering a time where buyers may default on loan payments should cash deals be emphasized instead of seller financing deals – 11:25
  • What is the logic/rationale behind why the Optin Page may flash for 2 seconds and then immediately display Selling site listings – 16:30
  • Why not always depend on the Owner’s Name being correct coming from list services such as AgentPro247 or ReboGateway – 23:50
  • Should we purchase land on Seller Financing, then find a buyer to purchase land with a seller financing deal and set a balloon payment – 30:10
  • With the current economic climate is it wise to continue mailing out Neutral letters – 35:40
  • How to utilize the current Investment Dominator Reports for reference – 40:30
  • Were the current reports in Investment Dominator dynamically created or are they [Built In] reports from the system – 47:55
  • Do the current [Built In] reports track testing county Neutral Letter responses – 49:10
  • Is it possible to create Custom Reports within the Investment Dominator – 52:20
  • How to add Private and Public links in the Investment Dominator – 54:15



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