2020-03-16 Live Training Call

2020-03-16 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How is the current Corona Virus Pandemic affecting the Land business   – 3:15
  • How is the current Corona Virus Pandemic changing the 2-Day Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshop for April 2-3 – 5:40
  • Is it possible to have one weekly QnA Webinar set for beginner levels and the other Webinar for intermediate level students – 9:00
  • Is the Public To All field in the TASK function for assigning specific tasks to all users on one account in  the Investment Dominator  – 17:10
  • What is the issue with the Squeeze, (Optin) page not fully displaying than proceeding to the Landing Listing page – 19:30
  • Using a list vendor, (Agent-Pro 247 or ReboGateway)  is it normal receiving only 70, 100 or 150 records returned from a county database – 32:20
  • Is it feasible to conduct the multi-hour beginner Investment Dominator QnA session on another platform such as FACE BOOK – 35:50
  • Using a list vendor, (Agent-Pro 247 or ReboGateway) how to determine owners with mailing addresses outside of the target county  – 38:45
  • Is it possible to reset the Property Record ID#s (Land Records) for each import into the Investment Dominator – 41:10
  • Where is the Investment Dominator Account #  located for access – 46:40
  • Will we use the Buying website address to be printed on the Neutral letters out of the Investment Dominator – 49:20
  • How to generate TASKS in the Investment Dominator – 53:55



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