2020-03-09 Live Training Call

2020-03-09 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to institute SKIP Tracing from a created .CSV file in Investment Dominator  – 5:50
  • How to enter specific data to utilize the [Market Research] function in the Investment Dominator – 9:20
  • How to determine the Market Value of property when there are NO Comparable listings – 17:30
  • How to handle creating offers for 1 owner with multiple parcels in the Investment Dominator  – 23:15
  • When there are multiple owners on record for one parcel do we still send offer(s) to the 1 primary owner out of the Investment Dominator – 30:45
  • Will both REI and ITI Mailing Houses permit weekly [Batch] mailings – 34:40
  • Is there any need to move Land Records onto your personal computer from Investment Dominator – 40:30
  • Is it necessary to perform system back-ups of Investment Dominator database files  – 43:30
  • When is it best to send out Blind Offer letters from Investment Dominator – 46:00
  • How to address AgentPro247 sending records with missing Owner Address information into the Investment Dominator – 53:40



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