2020-02-24 Live Training Call

2020-02-24 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Identifying the 3 differing mindsets of students on the Live Investment Dominator QnA calls – 3:05
  • What to do when we send out mailers each week and do NOT receive a 10% response immediately – 6:00
  • What is ITI (Letterprinting.net) time-frame to actually get letters out once ordered – 10:00
  • Are offers sent out of the Investment Dominator archived and how are they to be retrieved – 13:20
  • Is it recommended to follow-up on offers made out of the Investment Dominator – 16:00
  • How often should initial offers be followed upon to make appropriate contact with sellers – 17:20
  • How to manipulate the order of Property Listings in the Investment Dominator – 21:40
  • Is it advisable to send approximately 2,000 letter with no response before moving to test another county – 27:45
  • What is the average number of letters mailed to receive one deal in the LPG 2.0 process flow – 34:20
  • What occurs when a created user updates records in the system and is deleted from the system in the Investment Dominator – 37:25
  • What is the most logical time to move records to the Next Status in the Investment Dominator – 46:30
  • Is it wise to include a Return Envelope (stamped) with offers generated in the Investment Dominator – 55:10



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