2020-02-06 Live Training Call

2020-02-06 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How difficult is the Marketing piece of the LPG Deal Flow process – 3:25
  • How to advertise a listing on Jack’s Sunnyland.Com site – 9:20
  • Are coaching student’s permitted to continue advertising on Sunnyland.Com after their coaching sessions end – 13:30
  • How to create an Interactive Property Search & Map function page and connect this page to the Selling site in Investment Dominator – 16:30
  • How to connect the Interactive Property Search & Map feature onto your Selling Site Header menu in Investment Dominator – 26:45
  • Is creating an Interactive Property Search & Map function page replacing the default Selling site or simply enhancing the site in Investment Dominator – 28:35
  • Is it wise to simply generate a LOW offer when a customer communicates they want a much higher price for their property – 34:35
  • Does it make sense to offer a higher percentage than suggested in Investment Dominator to increase the offers accepted rate – 40:25
  • Is it wise to make offers on property with a market value of less than $3,000 in Investment Dominator – 45:50



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