2020-02-03 Live Training Call

2020-02-03 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Big-3 items to have prepared for the upcoming 2-Day Maximizer Workshop – 3:20
  • Clarification on how to move Selling Site listings around to different positions  – 6:05
  • How to handle a seller attempting to start a Bidding War between you and another investor – 9:05
  • How to print out only the completed Offer Requests in the Investment Dominator – 13:20
  • Is there a detailed manual on how to build your Buying Website in the Investment Dominator  – 19:00
  • How to add specific functions/pages on your Buying Website in the Investment Dominator – 21:10
  • What is the email address used when sellers access your Buying Website and select [Sell Your Land] link  – 28:45
  • Is it necessary to have a Google Voice number for each state a property is marketed to satisfy Craigslist – 32:30
  • When a seller accesses the Buying Site can the communication be sent to a different email address other than the Company email – 38:30
  • How is seller information processed on the Buying Site out of the Investment Dominator – 40:45
  • Is it necessary to check a Craigslist Ad weekly to re-post an Ad – 47:05
  • What is the approximate cost for a VA to handle the marketing piece for each listing out of the Investment Dominator – 52:45



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