2020-01-30 Live Training Call

2020-01-30 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What should our focus be while testing our mailings for County Selection – 2:50
  • How to modify the existing Offer Sales Agreement to include the Short Legal Description field instead of Exhibit-A on offers sent – 9:35
  • How to identify the oldest records modified by PAT Live in your Investment Dominator account – 20:20
  • Is it lawful to create more than 3 Notes/year for seller financing deals in the Investment Dominator – 27:20
  • Can the term [Return Service Requested] be added to a custom Envelope in the Investment Dominator – 31:25
  • Is it necessary to countersign an Offer after the seller signs first – 44:00
  • What action to take if the seller scratches off the statement – Buyer retains the right to cancel sale agreement… on offer letter  – 47:25
  • How to import both the Latitude/Longitude values into Land Records in the Investment Dominator – 53:30
  • How to add photos to listings in the Investment Dominator – 56:40



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