2020-01-27 Live Training Call

2020-01-27 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the BIG-3 to focus on for the 2-Day Maximizer work shop – 2:55
  • How to secure your domains after setting up buying/selling Sites on GoDaddy and Investment Dominator – 5:40
  • How to alter the Default Offer Accept By and Default Offer Expires On (Escrow Close) dates in the Investment Dominator – 10:10
  • What is the optimum pixel size for Buying Site Banners and Logo Images in the Investment Dominator – 13:00
  • How to locate seller Land Records recently entered into the Investment Dominator – 17:15
  • How does PAT Live access your Investment Dominator Account when a prospect calls for an offer property – 22:00
  • What are 3 different Call Services that have multiple extension service options – 29:10
  • How to alter the order of properties on the Selling Site in the Investment Dominator – 34:15
  • What is a 4th Call Service offering multiple extension service options for phone systems – 45:25
  • How to have the signature print on the Offer Cover Letter in the Investment Dominator – 46:20
  • How to add and delete Notes in the Investment Dominator – 50:20



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