2019-12-30 Live Training Call

2019-12-30 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • When will the Investment Dominator QnA Webinars be scheduled for the year 2020 – 1:50
  • Where should energy/focus be concentrated (initially) during the start of our Land Business as it relates to the Investment Dominator – 5:05
  • Can an Optin page be generated that does NOT include reference to Houses in the Investment Dominator – 9:20
  • How to import Contact Info into the Investment Dominator – 15:40
  • Why enter potential Buyers as Prospects in the Investment Dominator – 20:50
  • Why importing certain Excel files into Investment Dominator using a Mac Book Pro system may cause the altering of any column data  – 22:45
  • Can 500 or more records be imported into the Investment Dominator – 44:45
  • How to import land records with multiple owners into the Investment Dominator – 47:20
  • Confirming the Offer Envelope format – How to produce and print labels with both company & customer information for offers out of the Investment Dominator – 49:50



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