2019-12-16 Live Training Call

2019-12-16 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to connect/foster relationships with Builders for Land we have for sale – 3:00
  • How and do we calculate/convert parcels (less than 1 acre) into square feet to update in the Investment Dominator – 7:00
  • How to test a County and determine if it is worth staying in to send additional Neutral letters – 15:05
  • How to perform the Advance Search function in the Investment Dominator  – 24:55
  • Should the seller be permitted to CROSS OUT an offer, write in the counter offer, initial it, sign the offer acceptance and send this document back – 32:05
  • How to use the View function in the Investment Dominator – 39:40
  • Does the Seller and our company both need to initial a counter offer for the Offer contract to be valid – 44:05
  • How to manage thousands of records imported into the Investment Dominator sending out only 200 – 300 records each week  – 47:55
  • Is it necessary to keep the Investment Dominator database clean by deleting prospect records previously sent that are now Mailed Letter-1 status – 56:30



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