2019-12-05 Live Training Call

2019-12-05 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the best method to determine the Market Value for offer requests – 4:05
  • Is the County assessed value provided from leads of the 2-Day Maximizer Workshop for Kern County Ca. valid in determining Market values – 16:20
  • How does the Ref# (owner ID#) that appears on the Neutral Letter get assigned in the Investment Dominator – 22:00
  • Can the size of Signatures be decreased in the My Profile section of the Investment Dominator – 27:35
  • How to build your Buyer’s list for contacts in the Investment Dominator – 30:25
  • What happens to the information customers enter on the Selling Site in the Investment Dominator – 36:20
  • Why doesn’t the system always send an email when a potential buyer accesses the Selling Site in the Investment Dominator – 42:45
  • Is it necessary to have a Custom Domain created and configured in order for the Selling Site to function correctly – 45:10
  • How many pictures are necessary in the analysis effort for offer requests in the Investment Dominator – 49:55
  • How to send in the Live QnA questions via the Ticket System in the Investment Dominator – 56:30



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