2019-12-02 Live Training Call

2019-12-02 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Should the Property ID # associated with each Land Record appear on Neutral Letters out of the Investment Dominator – 6:05
  • Are small lot sizes (example – 0.11 acre & 0.19 acre) worth pursuing for profits – 9:15
  • What to do if the County records a parcel as vacant land while a Google Street view shows a home is present on the parcel – 13:50
  • When a parcel changes ownership, who retains legal rights to any items found on that property – 17:30
  • How does the Neutral Letter obtain it’s unique number from the Investment Dominator – 20:00
  • How to customize Neighbor Letters and print them in bulk out of the Investment Dominator – 21:10
  • How to reduce the size of a signature (using Generate Signature) on documents produced out of the Investment Dominator – 49:55
  • Is it easier to simply print 6 to 10 Neighbor Letters out of the Investment Dominator – 51:10
  • How to use Netronline.com to access various County Websites – 55:35



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