2019-11-25 Live Training Call

2019-11-25 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Regarding the importing of files, as long as column headers are correct does the order of the columns in your import file matter coming into the Investment Dominator – 5:15
  • How to upload the Neighbor lists into the Investment Dominator – 8:10
  • How to IMPORT up to 5 owners (for blind offers) into Investment Dominator – 15:05
  • How to handle (block out) the false leads in the Buyers list coming through in the Investment Dominator – 20:10
  • What service do we use for Email Blasts in our marketing effort – 32:00
  • Having several properties (less than 1 acre) how to calculate square footage and import that value into the Investment Dominator – 33:05
  • When should we use the Listing Short Description & Listing Long Description sections of the Land Records in the Investment Dominator – 42:05
  • How to use the Edit Source function of the Land Records “Listing” section of Investment Dominator – 42:55
  • How to reverse the Buying/Selling site domains in the Investment Dominator  – 54:15
  • What is an example site for showing how to generate ads and Market Properties in the Investment Dominator – 58:20



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