2019-11-18 Live Training Call

2019-11-18 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Why it is wise to follow the LPG Business model regarding keeping Land from seller financing deals in your company name – 3:45
  • Was there a separate Land Contract signed with the Buyer for the Lease Purchase agreement to remain in our company name  – 7:40
  • How to handle processing a subset of several thousands of Prospect records each week in one Investment Dominator account – 10:35
  • What may cause 158 records imported into the Investment Dominator to be rejected – 19:40
  • What is the most efficient way to have import data be sent for analysis to our technical team within the Investment Dominator – 24:00
  • How to pull information regarding why people move to specific major cities in the US -27:05
  • How to send out SKIP TRACE records in BULK from the Investment Dominator  – 33:45
  • How to fix previously imported errored files in the Investment Dominator  – 42:40
  • Why do records from the Assessor’s office with Land values between $5k – $100k appear in the Investment Dominator with a value of 0 – 44:50
  • How to create a 3-D Image of a parcel using Google Maps and MS Paint or Sketch I/O for ads or listings – 48:30



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