2019-11-07 Live Training Call

10-07-2019 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Does Investment Dominator permit 2 Buying and 2 Selling Sites for partnerships in one account – 4:50
  • Is it still advisable to send one Neutral Letter out per owner from the Investment Dominator  – 14:10
  • How to have multiple users work in one Investment Dominator account – 19:10
  • In the event there are multiple parcels connected to one owner should only one letter be sent from the Investment Dominator  – 24:10
  • How to utilize TAGS to keep track of 2nd Offers  in the Investment Dominator – 28:00
  • Which LPG modules are to be viewed for Buying and Selling Site setup in the Investment Dominator – 34:10
  • How to know a customer has accessed the Buying site in the Investment Dominator -37:10
  • Is it advisable to mail to owners of property outside of the United States – 46:00
  • Are there additional concerns to address with owners of property outside of the United States – 47:25
  • What is the process of pre-dating Neutral  Letters to support printing and mailing in batches in the coming weeks – 52:10



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