2019-11-04 Live Training Call

2019-11-04 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the BIG-3 items to complete prior to the upcoming LPG 2-Day Maximizer Workshop for the Investment Dominator – 4:05
  • When can we expect to see Buying/Selling site domains propagate on the GoDaddy platform after they are purchased – 8:20
  • Are PAT Live connected and Ring Central phone numbers somehow connected in the Investment Dominator – 11:05
  • Is it necessary to have a Company phone, PAT Live phone, a Buying Site and Selling Site phone to complete a Phone System for the Investment Dominator  – 13:10
  • What is the issue when accessing a Buying Site that is only showing the Selling Site in the Investment Dominator – 17:30
  • Who is the virtual assistant that can scrub a County List using Excel Investment Dominator ready format – 22:35
  • Is it possible to group and search for all properties owned by  one owner in the Investment Dominator – 25:40
  • Is it necessary to grant access to any virtual assistant designated to scrub a County List into the Investment Dominator – 29:50
  • Whom is it necessary to grant access to into an Investment Dominator account – 33:40
  • Is it necessary to include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope with offer letters sent out of the Investment Dominator – 35:00
  • How to create a Task and assign that task to any user in the Investment Dominator – 39:15
  • Is a prospective buyer of property really considered a New Prospect in the Investment Dominator – 51:05
  • How to upgrade your Buying Site Theme and change the initial look of your Buying Site in the Investment Dominator – 55:05



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