2019-10-31 Live Training Call

10-31-2019 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How can Mailing Labels be printed for Neutral Letters as done with Offer Letters in the Investment Dominator – 4:00
  • What is the most efficient procedure to produce 2000 Neutral Letters in one day; but, mail out letters in stages using the Investment Dominator – 6:20
  • How to modify the Close of Escrow date setting printed on Offer Letters  in the Investment Dominator – 21:40
  • Who can scrub a County List and format data for importing into the Investment Dominator – 24:10
  • Can new data or import fields be dynamically created for use in the Investment Dominator  – 27:30
  • How to add the Property Size field for import in the Investment Dominator – 29:30
  • Is 500 the maximum number of records that can be imported at any one time in the Investment Dominator – 33:45
  • Is it possible to utilize other defined fields for importing specific values in the Investment Dominator – 37:30
  • How to feed specific information from the Buying/Selling sites to other websites from within the Investment Dominator – 42:40
  • Is it necessary to pre-load prospect data for the LPG 2-Day Maximizer Workshop into the Investment Dominator  – 49:00
  • How to handle making an error on an Import into the Investment Dominator – 52:00
  • Is it necessary to modify an Offer Letter when sending to a person who is NOT the actual owner on record out of the Investment Dominator – 56:55



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