2019-10-21 Live Training Call

2019-10-21 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Will Letterprinting.net permit the pre-scheduling of smaller batch runs after a large batch has been sent for execution – 6:50
  • When Neutral Letters come back as un-deliverable what is the simplest way to locate the owner records in the Investment Dominator – 10:50
  • Is there a tutorial to illustrate how to filter land records and remove Company records that have LLC, INC, CORP etc. and preserve the Individual records  – 14:50
  • Who is the qualified VA for scrubbing county lists and converting them to Investment Dominator ready format – 16:50
  • How to execute a Self-Close using a mobile notary in a land selling transaction – 20:20
  • Is a mobile notary (used in a Self-Close) usually in the same county in which the property resides – 27:50
  • How to handle scenario of the owner’s mailing address only showing a P.O. Box -30:05
  • How to add a custom LOGO (PNG & JPEG type)  or generate a designed LOGO in the Investment Dominator – 32:10
  • What does the acronym CRM stand for as it relates to the Investment Dominator – 43:25
  • Is there any way to decrease the size of  the Signature font in the Investment Dominator – 45:05
  • If a property address from the County exists is it still necessary to fill in the Latitude/Longitude fields in Land Records in the Investment Dominator – 48:20
  • How to change the information populating on the Buyer and Selling sites in Investment Dominator – 55:25



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