2019-10-17 Live Training Call

2019-10-17 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • When is it best to close on a Seller Financed Property – 6:30
  • How many deals between range of $300 – $600 occur in our Land Business – 9:15
  • What to do when we Second Guess sending out low-ball offers  – 13:10
  • How to set up Ads on the seller site in the Investment Dominator – 15:05
  • What to show in the Land Deals records if there is no Listing Agent or Listing Phone# for Ads in Investment Dominator   – 22:15
  • How to create a listing in the Investment Dominator  – 26:35
  • After reviewing Land Watch data how to find a new area or target market – 30:30
  • Which counties should be avoided in Land Watch and Zillow analysis – 37:00
  • How to create an interactive public Custom Page (Search & Map) in the Investment Dominator – 39:40
  • When does your custom Opt-in Page collect buyers information for use in Investment Dominator – 53:00
  • Is it necessary to have an autoresponder (such as Mail Chimp) connected to the Opt-in Page – 54:25



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