2019-10-14 Live Training Call

2019-10-14 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the On-Board Calls regarding the Investment Dominator – 3:50
  • What is the cost of the 2-Day Investment Dominator workshop – 5:15
  • How to customize Jack’s Offer Cover Letter and Offer Agreement in the Investment Dominator – 8:00
  • How to modify Line #7 on the Offer Agreement in the Investment Dominator – 16:20
  • How to access recordings for the On-Board Call sessions for 2-Day Workshops – 19:05
  • How to add Private/Public links in the Investment Dominator – 21:25
  • How does the Investment Dominator prompt a user prior to deleting a Private / Public link – 37:30
  • Is the PIN # similar to the APN in the county records  – 38:15
  • What is the reason for NOT making certain links PUBLIC to appear on listings page in the Investment Dominator – 39:50
  • What is a reasonable length of time to wait after mailing to a county for responses – 43:10
  • How to use TAGS to track sub-groups of properties through the LPG Deal Flow process – 48:30
  • How to clear a TAG from several tagged records at once in the Investment Dominator – 57:50
  • Can a TAG be removed from specific land records and keep the same TAG on other land records in the Investment Dominator – 59:45



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