2019-10-07 Live Training Call

2019-10-07 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the location of the Option Package and Contract Package in the LPG 2.0 system modules – 5:50
  • Is it possible to replace blank address fields from AgentPro247 data with the words [Skip Trace] so records will load successfully into Investment Dominator – 10:10
  • How to process a data feed from batchskiptracing.com service with updated Owner Address information into the Investment Dominator – 19:15
  • What is the cost per Skip Tracing record using batchskiptracing.com service – 23:40
  • Does the Investment Dominator have access to County information – 26:10
  • Why does the default Investment Dominator domain name display instead of the purchased domain name – 28:30
  • Should a list be filtered before importing data into Investment Dominator or filtered inside the Investment Dominator  – 35:10
  • What is the recommended use of AgentPro247 data and is AgentPro247 being endorsed – 39:05
  • What is the most efficient use of your Buyer’s List in the Investment Dominator – 43:15
  • When the Investment Dominator implements the accessing of County data will prices compete with AgentPro247 and Rebo-Gateway – 50:20
  • Will the Investment Dominator track land deals from an accounting perspective for ease of reporting at the end of each tax year – 53:15



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