2019-10-03 Live Training Call

2019-10-03 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to effectively ask questions on the Investment Dominator Live QnA Calls – 2:00
  • What is the location of the Option Package and  Contact Package in the LPG 2.0 system modules – 5:00
  • Is it possible to have a second site feed data into the existing Buying site on the Investment Dominator – 9:15
  • Is there a way to configure a follow-up [pop-up] to automatically display a Task Bar after either a 30 day period where an offer has been sent or at the expiration end date out of the Investment Dominator – 12:00
  • Is there a checklist for AgentPro247 to set the search criteria for selecting data for input the Investment Dominator – 18:25
  • What are the specific fields from AgentPro247 that should be selected for data being imported into the Investment Dominator – 20:15
  • Are the 2-Day Investment Dominator Work-shops recorded and how can the recordings be accessed – 27:25
  • How to access the recordings of the Investment Dominator Live QnA Calls each week – 28:45
  • What specific issues must be addressed with AgentPro247 data for successful importing into the Investment Dominator – 30:50
  • How to handle formatting APNs and Zip Code information coming out of AgentPro247 or ReboGateway into the Investment Dominator – 42:15
  • Is it necessary to examine the data files closely being imported into the Investment Dominator prior to simply pressing the Upload List button – 49:50



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