2019-09-30 Live Training Call

2019-09-30 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to proceed with beginner & intermediate mindsets after a 2-Day Workshop on the Investment Dominator – 5:45
  • Is it possible to reset the Property IDs or the Customer Letter Ref# (Owner ID) associated with land records that are automatically incremented with each import into the Investment Dominator – 8:00
  • Should Neutral Letters marked Return-To-Sender be deleted  out of the Investment Dominator – 12:00
  • Should Neutral Letters marked Return-To-Sender where owners have Realtors be deleted out of the Investment Dominator – 13:50
  • When property owners have multiple parcels and only one address should multiple offer requests be sent – 17:05
  • When sending offers to property owners who have multiple parcels is it best to BULK Offer the group or send individual offers out of  the Investment Dominator  – 21:05
  • Is it advisable to send multiple offer requests in a single mailing to one property owner who owns multiple parcels – 24:05
  • How long is the County List data pulled good for in the Investment Dominator – 26:35
  • How seriously should the potential seller’s comments be considered before making offer requests  – 31:00
  • How to add individual land records for multiple properties owned by the same owner – 36:20
  • Where are older land records in Mailed-Letter-1 status housed for re-mailing  in the Investment Dominator – 39:10
  • What is the criteria or rationale used for re-sending records in Mailed-Letter-1 status out of the Investment Dominator – 42:00
  • When it is best to use an Option package agreement vs an Contract package agreement to purchase property – 44:45
  • What are common struggles experienced while doing market analysis to determine Market Value in the Investment Dominator – 51:05



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