2019-09-19 Live Training Call

2019-09-19 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to determine if an owner has multiple properties executing a quick search in the Investment Dominator – 8:45
  • How to put your call back number on a Neutral Letter for sellers – 11:00
  • How to allow for the  2nd owners name on a Neutral Letter out of the Investment Dominator – 13:30
  • How to process records in the Investment Dominator coming from Agent Pro-247 with the owner’s mailing address missing – 17:55
  • When using a list vendor (Agent-Pro 247 or ReboGateway)  shouldn’t there be more than 70, 100 or 150 records from a county list – 27:55
  • How to set the Default Offer Expires On (Close of Escrow) field in the Investment Dominator – 34:20
  • Are there frequent conversations with sellers regarding the 180 Days closing time-frame – 40:30
  • How to use the County Assessed value in determining Market value of property in specific areas for calculating Offer Amount – 42:00
  • How are Buyer records processed in the Investment Dominator from my Selling Site – 49:10
  • How do we receive Email Notifications from potential Buyers out of the Investment Dominator – 52:20
  • How to remove the section “I will cover all outstanding back taxes“ from the Offer Cover Letter in the Investment Dominator – 56:00



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