2019-09-12 Live Training Call

2019-09-12 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Is there any reason for concern when documents (generated  in the Investment Dominator) appear to have issues versus documents printed via LetterPrinting.Net – 4:00
  • Why would an Optin Page flash then disappear when accessing  the selling site in the Investment Dominator – 11:15
  • How to enter a 2nd Owner on the Neutral Letter – 16:20
  • What is the Optin Page used for in the Investment Dominator – 25:20
  • How to separate Companies from Individuals when doing a direct mailing campaign through a print house like Letterprinting.net – 28:15
  • How to schedule an Outboard Call for training on the Investment Dominator – 39:40
  • How to set Domains (Buying and Selling Sites) in the Investment Dominator – 40:25
  • Clarification regarding the Company Phone appearing on documents produced out of the Investment Dominator – 46:50
  • When letters sent are marked returned-to-sender how does skip-tracing work in the Investment Dominator – 51:15
  • Is it permissible to start with only 1 phone number prior to setting up all Phone Systems in the Investment Dominator – 55:00



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