2019-08-29 Live Training Call

2019-08-29 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is an additional type of .CSV (Comma Delimited) file in Excel 2016 which is NOT appropriate for importing into the Investment Dominator – 7:20
  • What is the best way to launch Investment Dominator from a computer without using an email link – 11:30
  • How to read/interpret Rows Imported result numbers output in the  Investment Dominator – 15:05
  • Can changes be made to existing property records and have those changes updated in the Investment Dominator – 25:10
  • Will land records being loaded from Agent Pro-247 only load new unique owner records once and also process multiple land records (per owner) in the Investment Dominator – 26:15
  • Should all land records be imported into the Investment Dominator even though several differing properties are owned by the same owner – 28:15
  • How to list Land Deals records in Pending Preliminary Research status first in  the Investment Dominator – 32:25
  • How to customize an Offer Letter Sales Agreement to accommodate signature line printing offers out of the Investment Dominator – 35:15
  • When sending Neutral Letters will  owners  receive a letter for each property APN they own out of the Investment Dominator – 43:40
  • Can the date printed on the Neutral Letter be changed/customized in the Investment Dominator – 50:00



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