2019-08-26 Live Training Call

2019-08-26 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What recording is available for the upcoming 2-Day Investment Dominator workshop – 5:40
  • Will the importing of a CSV created by Google sheets  work  as well as one created by Excel – 6:45
  • Is it possible to change text colors in a .CSV file for importing into the  Investment Dominator – 9:50
  • How to import a .CSV file with both Latitude and Longitude values into the Investment Dominator – 14:55
  • When is it necessary to have both First Name and Last Name fields for importing into the Investment Dominator  – 20:10
  • How to remove the “Sell Your House” option from the Buying Site in the Investment Dominator  – 24:25
  • When uploading a .CSV file why does the result say Unknown File Format in  the Investment Dominator – 29:00
  • How to customize an Offer Cover Letter for offers in the Investment Dominator – 32:30
  • How to process Mailed Letter-1 status prospect records in the Investment Dominator – 44:10
  • How to efficiently cross check land records searching by Last Name in the Investment Dominator – 50:10
  • How to read the Rows Imported result numbers output in the Investment Dominator  – 57:10



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