2019-08-01 Live Training Call

2019-08-01 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What was the genesis for the design of the  Investment Dominator CRM – 2:25
  • What’s new for the Investment Dominator in terms of Twitter – 4:25
  • If a property address exists from the County is it necessary to enter the Latitude/Longitude into the property record in Investment Dominator – 6:50
  • When there are 2 separate properties belonging to one owner should the records be merged in  the Investment Dominator – 15:50
  • When is it logical to merge records vs using the Add Additional Property function in the Investment Dominator  – 17:20
  • Why use TAGs to track Sub-Groups of properties in the Investment Dominator – 21:55
  • How to utilize the Set Offer and Option Amounts function to generate offers in the Investment Dominator  – 35:20
  • What is the rationale for having a Buying & Selling site; as well as, a separate Buyer & Seller phone system established for business calls – 42:00
  • How to add a Custom Status (Neighbor  Letter Sent) in the Investment Dominator – 47:00
  • How to handle APN numbers and ZIP Code formatting on data imports in the Investment Dominator (Part A) – 55:10



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