2019-07-15 Live Training Call

2019-07-15 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Top-3 items for every New Investment Dominator user to address  – 2:45
  • How to generate our Signature in the Investment Dominator  – 8:30
  • Are there plans to develop other Built-in documents for customization in Investment Dominator  – 10:30
  • Where to locate and generate the built-in Neighbor Letter in the Investment Dominator – 14:00
  • How to produce the 2 Free SSL Certificates in the Investment Dominator – 16:10
  • How do the Quick Search and Advanced Search options work in Investment Dominator  – 24:10
  • How to use the AND/OR selections in the Advanced Search option – 31:30
  • How to use the NOT selections in the Advanced Search option – 34:35
  • How to update the status of records exported for LetterPrinting.net in the Investment Dominator  – 38:55
  • How to import a list of Buyers into Investment Dominator  – 42:15
  • What is the difference between the Property ID and Owner ID numbers in the Investment Dominator  – 45:10
  • How to set and extend the closing date on Offer Letters in the Investment Dominator – 47:55
  • How to talk to Sellers regarding the 6-month closing date on Offer Letters  – 52:10
  • Can we expect a lot of PUSH-BACK regarding a 6-month closing date on Offer Letters – 56:00



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