2019-07-11 Live Training Call

2019-07-11 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to send in weekly Webinar questions and report Technical Issues in Investment Dominator  – 2:25
  • Update on new Built-In documents being added in Investment Dominator  – 5:20
  • How to place property listings (photos) on the selling website in Investment Dominator  – 7:20
  • Why the tiled images on listing pages come out a little blurry and come in as Thumb Nails in the Investment Dominator – 14:10
  • After attempting to send out 600 neutral letters to LetterPrinting.net how might a lesser number actually get processed  – 18:25
  • Is it necessary to forfeit the cost of 109 neutral letters that were not processed in a previous LetterPrinting.net order  – 26:10
  • How much negotiating should be done by phone with sellers of property – 27:45
  • How to handle a disgruntled seller based on a low-ball offer – 31:05
  • How to move photos UP & Down in a listing order within Investment Dominator  – 34:25
  • Can several photos be moved UP & Down at the same time in a listing within Investment Dominator  – 36:40
  • How to display or hide the built-in Optin Page in Investment Dominator – 41:10
  • How to create a custom Optin Page in Investment Dominator – 45:00
  • How bogus buyer records may end up in the Investment Dominator by way of the Optin Page – 52:40
  • How to access and calculate the Offer Amount (sent to sellers) efficiently in the Investment Dominator – 55:00



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