2019-07-01 Live Training Call

2019-07-01 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • When errors occur on importing prospect data should successful records processed be removed on subsequent imports  – 5:30
  • How to re-import corrected prospect records in Investment Dominator  – 6:35
  • How import data from Agent Pro-247 into the Investment Dominator – 16:10
  • How to export data out of  Agent Pro-247 using the Investment Dominator – 18:45
  • How does Investment Dominator handle multiple lists with duplicate prospect data imported – 20:30
  • How the Investment Dominator handles duplicate records for one property where APNs are formatted/listed differently – 24:00
  • How the Investment Dominator processes multiple properties (3 or more APNs) owned by one person – 30:20
  • Is it best to send one prospect letter and one envelope for owners of multiple properties – 36:00
  • How to create and attach TAGs to Land Records in the Investment Dominator  – 41:50
  • How to best manage Pat Live representatives (Part-1) – 47:30



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